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Kim Shaklee - Water Frolic Kim Shaklee - The Admiral Kim Shaklee - Surf Dancer Kim Shaklee - Phantom Journey Kim Shaklee - Ocean Ballet Kim Shaklee - Sea Borne
Kim Shaklee - Sailing Along Kim Shaklee - Rhapsody Kim Shaklee - Out Of The Blue Kim Shaklee - Mystic Serenade Kim Shaklee - Mystic Serenade Fountain Kim Shaklee - Double Play
Kim Shaklee - Dark Shadows Kim Shaklee - Coral Corral Kim Shaklee - Angel Waltz Kim Shaklee - Wave Runners Kim Shaklee - Mystic Serenade Monument Kim Shaklee - Spell Bound
Kim Shaklee - River Rapture Kim Shaklee - River Rascal (lLarge version) Kim Shaklee - Homeward Bound Kim Shaklee - Maternal Quest Kim Shaklee - White Hot Kim Shaklee - Sea Treasure
Kim Shaklee - River Rascal Kim Shaklee - Daily Double Kim Shaklee - Arctic Heir Kim Shaklee - Polar Prince Kim Shaklee - Pipe Dream
Kim Shaklee - Party Wave Kim Shaklee - Southern Stingray Kim Shaklee - Ascent copper & gold patina Kim Shaklee - Ascent multi-colored patina
Kim Shaklee - Riverbank Tails french brown with blue/green patina Kim Shaklee - Riverbank Tails transparent copper with blue oxide wash patina Kim Shaklee - Manta Play

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